What we do

Andalusian Wealth Management provides investment advice and investment management services to individuals, families, institutions, and retirement plans both within the United States and abroad.  We operate under the strictest fiduciary standard of care, putting the interests of our clients first.  We are a fee-only firm, and receive no compensation for our investment recommendations or other partnerships.  Andalusian manages client assets through custodians such as Charles Schwab & Co., TD Ameritrade, and Betterment.

Andalusian Wealth Management does not provide tax or legal advice.

Investment Philosophy

Any reasonable investment strategy, thoughtfully conceived and implemented consistently over an extended period, will yield results superior to those experienced by the vast majority of investors.  This includes many passive strategies which rely on low-cost index funds.  Passive management has simplified and democratized saving and investing for millions, and helped lower expenses for all investors.

When investors elect a passive indexing strategy, they have chosen to accept both market returns and market volatility.  Passive portfolios are available at very low cost and require little expertise to implement.  In aggregate, active strategies must always underperform passive ones.  An active strategy must therefore offer a credible path to superior returns, net of the higher costs associated with identifying, implementing, and monitoring it.  

The case for considering active management starts with the observation that prospective returns available through passive investing are often inadequate to an investor's goals, and that the inherent risks of passive strategies are at times too high to expect investors to stay the course - i.e., to remain passive in the face of adversity.

We applaud the trend towards passive investing and consider it a useful strategy for many investors. To point out its inadequacies does not imply we can always overcome them. However, history offers a number of approaches:  broader diversification, identification of skilled managers, and quantitative strategies - all of which have historically delivered superior returns and risk management.  If such advantages can be sustained over an extended investment horizon, they offer clients substantial opportunities for wealth creation   Our proprietary research and ongoing due diligence are focused precisely on offering our clients these opportunities.